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When it comes to providing world-class car tinting in Tacoma, our expert providers work to impress. Our window tinting experts will help you through the process of selecting a film that’s most suited to your vehicle. Each of our hand-selected providers carries an impressive array of car window tinting products suited to meet your needs.

Great Reasons for Auto Window Tinting

Reducing Glare Glare – cause by the sun or the headlights of other vehicles can adversely affect your ability to drive. Window tinting can significantly reduce glare so that you can drive safely.

Protect Your Health Window Tinting film blocks 99%* of the sun’s UV rays which will help to protect your skin and eyes.

Protect Your Vehicle – UV rays are a contributing factor of fading and cracking of your car’s interior, especially leather.

Privacy – Tinting your windows can help to deter auto theft by making it difficult to see the contents of your car.

Accident Protection – Window film acts as a bonding layer of the glass. In the event of an accident, the film will help to hold any shattered glass together and reduce the risk of injury.

Decrease Interior Heat – Window tinting film makes it up to 70% cooler versus untreated vehicle windows, this is especially important on hot days.

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It’s easy. For a free car window tinting quote, call (253) 582-2401 or toll free at (800) 542-7381 to speak with a representative who will gladly assist you. On top of the complimentary auto tint quote, an agent will be able to schedule you for a conveniently timed appointment. Also feel free to call and ask about any tinting related question you may have.

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